Nov 13, 2009

Rope Swing

On Monday, Noah helped me load up the car with paintings again, and we drove them to Rick and Ann's Restaurant, the friendliest and classiest place in town. Noah helped me unload, and then he took off. Ann came out, and we talked about our kids' college search. I pointed at this painting and said, "This is about them...or is it us?"

If you would like to see the show and have the best salmon burger in town, Rick and Ann's is at 2922 Domingo in Berkeley, across the street form the Claremont Hotel.

Thank you, Ann.


  1. R&A's is my fave. S. lives just 2 blocks away from there now. If your show is still up next month, I'll see it there. Yippee.

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  3. Oh ... to be able to be free and swing on the end of a rope! :-)