Apr 30, 2014


Garden, 24"x24"
I love my garden. Sometimes it feels like a subversive act.

Apr 29, 2014


Homecoming, 18"x48"
Today I'm flying to LA and driving home with my son. He's finishing a college internship and is graduating next month. I'm so proud of him. It seems like yesterday he was smaller than me...

Apr 27, 2014

Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story (diptych), 12"x24"
After 30 years, I continue to learn new things about my husband.

Apr 25, 2014

Woman in Desert

Woman in Desert, 12"x24"
I love the clarity of the desert. Everything is made very simple and clear.

Apr 23, 2014

Night Dance

Night Dance, acrylics on canvas, 36"x46"
"To love someone is to see him as God intended him."  --Dostoevsky

Apr 21, 2014

Orange Room, Blue Light

Orange Room, Blue Light (triptych), 12"x42"
A painting of contrasts--orange and blue, warm and cold, togetherness and lonely outside.

Apr 19, 2014

Helping Hand

Helping Hand, 45"x48"

I was hanging a show in Virginia City, Nevada, when I came down with a bad case of altitude sickness. I had a seizure and was unconscious for 24 hours. After I got home and was feeling better, this was the first painting I did.