Apr 12, 2013

Safe Hands

Safe Hands, 14"x14"
Much love to a little girl in Denver who is close to my heart....

Apr 10, 2013

Desert Two-Step

Desert Two-Step, 24"x36"
Another of my desert series. How many legs are too many?

Apr 8, 2013

Woman on Boulder

Woman on Boulder, 16"x16"
My daughter blooms in the most barren of places.

Apr 6, 2013

Feast in the Desert

Feast in the Desert, 36"x48"
I recently read my grandmother's diary. She lived through the Depression on a desert farm. I want to do a series of desert paintings.

Apr 4, 2013

Couple on Boulder

Couple on Boulder, 11"x25"
 One of those together-but-separate paintings, inspired by a recent trip to Pinacles National Monument

Apr 2, 2013

New Plants

New Plants, 30"x30"
Just got back from Denver, hanging with my sister and her brood. Such a contrast between the huge skies and the brown winter landscape, between pink babies and my empty nest.