Sep 13, 2012

There's a new little book called Steal Like an Artist. The author, Austin Kleon kind of states the obvious, but it's nice to have permission, especially when you're stealing from a friend.

The flying sculptures on the left are by Laura Van Duren. I was painting at her studio one day, and look what happened!

Sep 12, 2012


Light, 27"x27"

"Art is made by the alone for the alone." -Luis Barragan

Sep 11, 2012

Another Miracle

I call this painting "Another  Miracle." I don't know if it's about motherhood or leaving home or just doing the impossible in this place and time. But I have done a lot of mothering and saying good-bye lately. It's hard to believe that I was hiking at Briones Park just 8 days ago with Noah and Sophie and Ed. I wonder how being an empty-nester will influence my paintings....

Sep 10, 2012

Street Lamp

Street Lamp, 36"x36" 
I fell in love with the 1979 animation called "Tale of Tales" by Yuri Norstein. This is what came of it.