Jul 26, 2014

Hillside Sunset

My daughter is going to college in the fall, two states away. I'm so excited for her but a little sad, too. I think I'll be doing a lot of paintings about her and us this summer.

Jul 20, 2014

Story by Firelight

It's summer. I have camping gear all over my dinning room table. Need I say more?

Jul 8, 2014

Another painting leaving home...

Another painting leaving home... This one was a gift from a grandmother on her granddaughter's 16th birthday. Letting go deepens the work; it's no longer about my story. Thank you, Anne!

Jul 6, 2014

Lighter Than Air, triptych, 12"x48"

Yesterday I went through old Kodachrome slides with my dad and brothers. Somehow this one wasn't among them.

Homecoming #2, triptych

Another triptych where I'm trying to contrast being home with where I've been.

Jul 5, 2014


A cautionary tale...
Sometimes I need long deliberations with all the rationalizations. Sometimes I just need to know I can't cross that line.