Jan 28, 2010

Art Auction on Valentine's Day

These three paintings are up for auction. 100% of the sale price will go to Global Strategies for HIV Prevention, saving lives in Africa.
  • The painting on the left is "Fresh Wind." It's the largest at 36"x24"; the minimum bid is $500. 
  • The middle painting is "Embrace #9." It's 16"x12" and we're asking that bids start at $150.
  • The painting on the right is "Mountain Pass." It's 12"x12" and the opening bid needs to be at least $140.
If you'd like to bid on any of these, leave the amount, the title, and some sort of contact info in the comment section below, or call me at (510) 655-1988. Bidding will continue at my Valentine's Day Open Studio on Feb. 14 at 655 63rd St., Oakland, with bidding closing at 4:45 p.m.
See you there!


  1. I love your work Carol! By chance do you know my friend Mike Grbich. He lives and works up in the Oakland Hills.

  2. Starting the bidding on Fresh Wind at $500.

    PS, Wise Women Unite, I happen to know two Grbich family members. . .small world! -K

  3. Please let me know if I am outbid so that I can place another bid. Thanks.

  4. I lost track of the days, was I outbid on the picture yesterday? Yikes!