Mar 28, 2011

Two Boats

I would love some input on this one. Is anyone out there? Does anyone read this blog? What is in the paper boat? If it's a message, what does it day?


  1. Carol, I read your blog religiously. I've never been able to post comments before, although I've tried. I love the combination of your images and your brief words, the fact that you raise open questions and call your reader to ponder. That paper boat is what a mom does as she lets go. She knows that what she has launched is flimsy and vulnerable, but it's a boat, and it's meant to float. She reaches out to pull it back, but it's just out of reach. - va

  2. Oh--I've tried to post before and gave up a long time ago as well. Glad to see this option is working. I visit your blog almost daily. it's the place I go when I need to be centered and reminded of what is important.

    The little boat is a dream and a hope trying to float on its own.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  3. This is me when I was very small! I have just discovered my creative gift - I'm sending it off in a little paper boat to my grown-up, weary self. I will find it so very much later in a prayer to my Heavenly Father who fills me with inspiration and keeps me afloat!
    As you see, I do love this image! Thanks so much.

  4. Carol, I just found your blog, though my wife and I bought three of your paintings in 2005 or so in Half Moon Bay. We just moved back to the bay area and discovered that one of your paintings is missing! We are quite sure it didn't get left in the old house, and were careful unpacking, so we are at a loss. So, I think the paper boat tells us where the lost Carol Aust painting is. Kyle Roesler,

  5. Our longing for the ideal, versus what actually is. One tries, halfheartedly, to achieve it. How many times must one try? It seems as if forever. But somehow the reach always seems to fail. Perhaps because we don't really want to sink that fragile paper boat.


  6. I love the first poster's interpretation that the boat is a child... I also immediately thought the mom was in the boat and the paper boat had to do with a child... Maybe because I am an artist with 3 kids who have been running circles around my easel as I am desperately trying to finish a job, I thought a less deep meaning. I thought the mom was in her skiff just offshore, trying to collect her thoughts in peace for a moment, and the kids are sending paper boats to come back and make them a snack!