Apr 27, 2016

open studios

It's open studio season. Last weekend I showed my work at Hunters Point. Always intense, hauling 60 paintings over in a borrowed van (thanks Elmer and Annette), hanging down art down in the basement (thanks Ed), and meeting and greeting for two days. It's a rare chance to get direct input on my work. My favorite response this time was the woman who said, "Your paintings are of a world where hope exists." And the sweet couple who bought a painting for their wedding next week.

Sunday night, I enlisted another borrowed van and crew (thanks Mark, Brandon and Noah) and hauled 53 paintings over the Bay Bridge as it got dark. That sweet relief of the familiar cranes of the Port of Oakland welcoming me home.

Day after tomorrow it's a repeat performance, this time at the Hotel del Sol on Webster St. in SF. The stART up art fair will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, noon to 7:00. If you missed one, you can do the other. This one is new for me: 50 artists in a vintage 1960's motel. I would love to see you there.


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