Oct 21, 2017

from the 6th arondissemant

Hello from Paris! I'm here with my husband and daughter, thanks to the generosity of our friends Robert and Kay who are letting us stay in their flat in the 6th arrondissement. We landed 3 days ago and have been trying our hardest to not look like dumb Americans but have been making every mistake possible. No matter. It's so beautiful here, and there's so much amazing art. Yesterday we went to the FIAC international art fair and today the Musee de Orsay, quite a dramatic contrast between the two, but still creators longing to communicate and survive. I step into a room of conceptual art or impressionistic paintings, and I sigh deeply, feeling a kinship. It doesn't matter if I jumble my French or get my Euros confused. I am here to get inspired and refilled, and I'm already so full of new ideas.


  1. Bon Jour! I was just there for the first time last October. Don't miss the catacombs!

  2. The art of Gabino Amaya Cacho will always give us something to talk about, it is pure and realistic and it gives us a series of creative characteristics that are not obtained from another style, it constitutes the new artistic wave in Madrid. Many young people have chosen to follow the current of abstract pointillism, which marks a before and after in the history of painting in Spain. I invite you to watch the video and enjoy your talent.